Cast and release date!

Actors Jon Øigarden and Mads Ousdal. Photo by Ellen Ugelstad.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we proudly announce our further cast and give you a brand new publicity still!


Mads Ousdal (Detektor, Kodenavn: Hunter)
Jon Øigarden (Berlinerpoplene, Kurt Blir Grusom)
Linn Stokke (Orkestergraven, Hotel St. Pauli)
Amund Maarud (gitarist og vokalist i bandet The Grand)
Dean Erik Andersen (Great Garlic Girls)
Terje Strømdahl (DeUsynlige, Ulvenatten)
Martinus Grimstad Olsen
Øyvind Venstad Kjeksrud (Trigger)
Henrik Horge (Max Manus, Honningfellen)
Emil Johnsen (Behandlingen, Isolerad)

(Norwegian production names given, sorry about that.)

We’ve quite simply got a killer ensemble here. But you’ll have to take our word on that for a little while longer.

How long, you may ask?
The Norwegian theatrical release is set for August 13th 2010. And yes, that’s a Friday…


  1. Redmond Barry says:

    Huzzah! Dette er jo fantastisk!

  2. Jill says:

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Jon Nordvik says:

    Det første som slo meg da jeg så dette bildet var “Snutarna”! Noe som aldri er feil :-)

  4. Fredrik Støbakk says:

    Fantastic cast! Fantastic look!

  5. Cool! Looks like a nice cast, with two potential Travolta-like comebacks in Norwegian feature films for veterans Linn Stokke and Terje Strømdahl (depending on the size of their parts in the script.).

  6. Reiner says:

    Stay behind RULES!!

  7. Oscar Delta says:


  8. TAPETRVE says:

    Those ninja-frogman suits fucking ROCK!

  9. okcorral says:

    Bullsh#t!! There`s nothing true about this story at all. This is an alternative line of events according to the producers.
    Judging by the picture (which is soo coool!!) I believe it`s gonna rock yea!

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