First cast announcement!

It’s with great pleasure we have announced the title role in “Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen”, after keeping it a secret for 9 months!

As “Commander Arne Treholt”: Mads Ousdal.

Mads Ousdal as Arne Treholt. Photo: Ellen Ugelstad

Well-established as a film, TV and stage actor, Ousdal (b. 1970) has his actor’s education from the Norwegian National College of Theatre. Selected film and TV work: “Detektor” (2000), “Codename: Hunter 1 & 2” (2007, 2008), “I Et Speil I En Gåte”/”Through A Glass, Darkly” (2008), “De Syv Dødssyndene”/”The 7 Deadly Sins” (2000). Recipient of the Amanda award of Best Newcomer for “Detektor”. Ousdal is an employee of the National Theatre in Oslo. IMdB link.