The Commander’s Watch

Writing a script can be incredibly tedious, and at the end of a day, often you don’t really feel that you’ve “accomplished” anything. Horology is my favourite hobby. Not only does it produce tangible results, furthermore it involves enjoyable planning and creative problem-solving. It takes the mind off things.

I spent about six months doing this one. It is inspired by a 1950’s Officine Panerai watch. These watches were originally issued to Italian Navy Frogmen during WWII, the guys who rode into combat on modified torpedos, sent them towards their targets and swam home!

Its heart is a swiss mechanical 6497 movement. Obviously all the parts were vintageized using different techniques. The case was copper-plated by the same guy who finished the parts for the infamous “Il Tempo Gigante” car in the most popular Norwegian movie ever, “Flåklypa Grand Prix” (Ivo Caprino, 1975). Believe it or not, but that movie has sold five million tickets in Norway alone! Finally, the copper-plating was corroded using vinegar.

The watch is big: 47 mm excluding the crown. The dial features the “Norge” logo which appears on most of the Ninjas’ kit. Superluminova makes it glow like a torch! The strap was made by master craftsman Scot “Savage” in Texas, and features the historically correct sew-in “GPF mod dep” buckle.


Norge 6152 by Thomas Cappelen Malling