Shooting “Norwegian Ninja” we got to hang out with lynx; wolves; rabbits; penguins; alpacas; dogs; sheep; red fox; goats; geese; deer; elk and reindeer plus the beautiful little girl pictured below.

Heh! The animals and us – we look so different. Yet, back in the old days we were identical because once, we were the same weird-looking (in lack of better information) pre-historic salamander. Anyway, we struggled together because we were the same. Whenever I meet an animal, I think to myself, hoping the animal somehow understands; “Hey! Nice! You became an… aardvark. Good one! As it happens, I come from the same unbroken chain of winning genes myself. Became human. But for old times sake I sure do hope we can be friends”

Endangered species: There are less than 50 adult arctic foxes left in Norway. Below we see André, one of our Norwegian Ninjas, hooking up with one of them. She ran off with my waffle and I didn’t even get her name!

Arctic fox. Photo: Trond Høines (framegrab)