Production design #1

The sets and props were handled by production designer Are Sjaastad and his team (see below). To create a believable and distinct world for the movie to play out in, many objects and spaces were built from the ground up, from original designs. In the case of already existing props and vehicles, they were often heavily customized. Here are just a few details to feast your eyes on! More examples and musings on production design will be posted in the future. All photos by Ellen Ugelstad.







Art Department:

Production designer – Are Sjaastad
Property master – Elin Våg
Set props and prop maker – Thomas Nes
Special effects and set design – Jannicke Johansen
Carpenter – Pål A. Nilsen
Vehicles – Håvard Lillehaug
Art department assistant – Ivar Sjaastad
Art department assistant – Sebastian Koren
Art department assistant – Jill Leikvoll
Art department assistant – Simon Lombardi
Art department assistant – Ulises Garay Martinez
Art department assistant – Ivan Garay Martinez