Underwater sequence done. Almost.

A big hello to new and old readers. We’re thrilled about your responses to our teaser. Most of you call it a trailer. Some say teaser trailer. Only nerds know the difference.

Heh. It’s like advertising-people discussing whether Coca-Cola is a “Brand”; “Super-brand” or “Hyper-brand”, and whether Diet Coke is a “Sub-brand” or a “Sibling”. Hey, how do you like this sub-brand? Uhh – I’m just thirsty…

To us, the “teaser” was a chance to show something without boring you with details. Some viewers thought the clip strange or disturbing and indeed, a fathom of torpedo-riding Ninjas is kind of strange. But this is a true story. And as you know, or should know, there was a lot of action in the Norwegian fjords in the 80’s.


Our Editor and I sent a fully edited film-sequence to the VFX guys today. It’s the sequence you’ve seen a clip from in our “teaser”. Obviously it depicts Commander Treholt and his Ninjas roaming the fjords looking for trouble. How does it end? It ends!

Now its up to the hard-working, hard-thinking Ludde and Christian of Sement & Betong to continue applying their teaser magic on the entire sequence. Well, actually it’ll end up even better, as we aim to achieve a hard, documentary look by re-shooting the finished images afterwards with a handheld grid-scanning camera thing. I’m not sure how it works but I know what it does. Shooting rough war-correspondent-style would have caused severe problems if done during the original shoot, see!

Thanks for reading our blog.

A collage of the historical torpedo-riding boys Decima Flottiglia Mezzi d'Assalto, also known as La Decima or Xª MAS (Italian for "10th Assault Vehicle Flotilla"), who operated during WWII. The spirit of these guys is very hard to comprehend. Top left image: The Commmander's torso, photo by Trond Høines.

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