Final weeks of editing

Time for an update on the progress of the movie itself.

Right now, we’re in the last few weeks of editing – which is a crucial time for any movie – and I’m very happy with what we’re doing and where the movie is going. The editing is spearheaded by the duo of lead editor Simen Gengenbach and co-editor Anders Bergland, working with director Thomas down at post production house Drømmesuiten in Oslo.

Supervising sound editor Gisle Tveito (left) and sound designer Fredric Vogel working on the teaser. Photo by Eric Vogel.

Also contributing in a big way are the VFX and post sound crews, who feed the ever-hungry editing machine with their work, producing VFX shots and sound ranging from quick’n’dirty to complete, depending on the need. Our composer Gaute Tønder has recently started working on the score too, so it can influence and enrich the editing in just the right way.

We’re starting to make final decisions on how scenes will play out, what to leave in and what to cut. It’s pretty intense – it always is. Will our audience get this little hint? Do we need more emphasis on this line of dialogue or should we linger 12 frames longer on the reaction? Should we drop this scene altogether? What happens when you put samba music on the scene instead? How does this other little scene over here work now, compared to yesterday’s version?

Editor Simen Gengenbach (left) and director Thomas Cappelen Malling in the editing suite.

The guys in the editing room go through literally hundreds of decisions and considerations like this every day. As producer I come in to the editing room every few days to go through what’s been done, offer comments and have discussions. Sometimes I spend twenty minutes there, sometimes a full day. Plus I keep in touch with the other departments, and try to keep an eye on what’s coming up in the time ahead. I love that stuff, seeing all the little bits and pieces come together and to help push the movie along in any way I can. It’s a very special privilege to follow a process like this, and editing is one of my favorite parts of making a movie. It’s the magic of montage.

PS: After the editing we’ll still have several months of sound, music and VFX work to do before the movie is finished. Just realized I should point that out.