Teaser poster

Right around now, our new teaser poster is finding its way to cinemas all over Norway.

The iconography should be very familiar to you, the dear readers of this very blog. As the label “teaser” implies, we will of course follow up with a smashing main poster as well as other goodies as we get closer to release.

If any of you spot the teaser in the wild, let us know when and where in the comments! Even better: snap a picture so we can see how it “plays” in the real world. Best of all: if you don’t see it displayed at your local (Norwegian) cinema – demand it!

Credits: photo background by Trond Høines, graphic design by Alen Grujic.

Note: We sadly don’t have this poster for sale or available to hand out. In an ideal world we’d of course send one for free to anyone who wanted it, but we only have a few of them around the office. Sorry.