Main poster and more

Our main poster for the Norwegian release was revealed a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it warranted an English language blog post as well, to give it some more context. Click the image to embiggen!

Concept: Thomas Cappelen Malling, photos: Ellen Ugelstad, graphic design: Alen Grujic.

The poster motif has its roots in a poster writer/director Thomas designed together with illustrator Harald Frøland already in 2007, as a below-the-radar and separate project. Only very few prints were made. One of them was displayed in a local watering hole here in Oslo, to subtly confuse and enthuse patrons.

Here it is (click to enlarge):

"There will be Night". Concept: Thomas Cappelen Malling, illustration: Harald Frøland.

The image of Ninja Master Treholt towering over Oslo, stayed with us. We decided early in pre production to explore the same motif as our main poster. During production we did two days of still photography in a studio setting, running in parallel with the main unit. In breaks from filming, the actors in full costume visitied unit photographer Ellen’s studio corner, in both cases set up close to where we were shooting. She took loads of pictures with the poster and other marketing materials in mind, and this has served us well. Additional poster elements were culled from the RED material we shot for the film itself.

We gave a lot of thought to the look, researching eighties video covers and hand drawn theatrical posters. As we got further into post production, designer Alen came up with a technique to create a painterly expression that we really fell for. This style has been used also in a lot of other materials we have prepared, like character-based ads as well as banners.

Here’s one example, a full-page print ad that was recently out (also clickable):

Photo: Ellen Ugelstad, graphic design Alen Grujic.
Photo: Ellen Ugelstad, graphic design: Alen Grujic.

The poster has by now been sent out to most Norwegian cinemas.
If you don’t see it at your next trip to the movies, ask them to put it up!