Post production roundup

Time for an update: We’ve completed the film!

King Olav V approves.

Just moments ago, we finished a screening at Filmens Hus in Oslo for a final check of the 35mm answer print sound. Everything was OK. Before the weekend we checked the image side of things and gave that a thumbs up.

Whew. So with the first film print finished, it means of course that every last creative decision to do with the film itself has now been made. Imagine that. I’m very happy with the final result and the effort put in by the team during a full nine months of post production.

The only thing between us and the big screen rollout now are a few measly weeks on the calendar! That’s equal parts scary and exhilarating, of course. From now on we’ll start on the distribution prints (35mm as well as digital prints) plus we’re working on a whole lot of marketing materials. Expect some very nice things to appear in the time to come.

Here are a few snapshots of life behind the scenes in the last couple of months’ work on the movie.
People, places and processes. Photos by me except where noted.

Keen motorist/distributor Kjetil Omberg, graphic designer Alen Grujic and the Ninjamobile!
Thomas busy with the last shot we did for the movie, on the floor of post house Sement & Betong. Care to guess what it is?
The mighty Hydrocopter gets a proper mix at Storyline Studios, Jar.
The sound department stocked a considerable selection of exotic snacks for the final mixes. Essential.
Music talk with composer Gaute Tønder and director Thomas at the Tordenfilm office.
Visual effects supervisor Ludvig Friberg finds something funny.
Proof that we’ve made a movie is in those film cans! From the wonderful Park Bio in Copenhagen where we screened the answer print last Friday. From left: Yours truly, cinematographer Trond Høines, colorist Christian Berg-Nielsen and director Thomas. Photo by Pelle Folmer.