Row-in Cinema, with Ninjas

Update Tuesday July 27: added a photo of ongoing preparations, below.

A very special event is coming up: an exclusive pre-premiére screening of “Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen” featuring a row-in audience! Yes, that means boats. Lots of boats. This is also the absolute first public screening of the film anywhere, and we’re happy to let it happen in such amazing circumstances courtesy of the Summer Party festival.

The date is Friday July 30th, and the place to be is Giske, near Ålesund:

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The nature up there is fantastic and the band line-up stellar. Well, it gets only sweeter from here when you learn that this festival – which attracts 30.000 visitors – is also a FREE festival. All you need to bring is some food you’re willing to share, and you’re golden.

The screening itself will be quite something. Put together by the very experienced crew of AS Filmprojeksjon, this will be one of Norway’s biggest outdoor cinema events ever. Because ocean winds can carry away the sound, audio will get piped out to a special radio channel that you can pick up on your boat radio or a regular receiver (make sure to bring a portable radio!). The screen itself will be constructed with a wooden frame and set up out by the water so boats can line up, but it will also be possible to see the film from the shore of course.

And there’s even more to make this a truly special event: namely seeing our fine actor Amund Maarud (who plays the ninja apprentice “Humla”) and his band The Grand, who will perform at the festival the same day.

So what are you waiting for? Come up and see us, our movie, and experience this amazing festival. More info at their official site. An article in Norwegian with more on the row-in can be found over at Sunnmørsposten.

Rigging the huge screen. Photo by Ante Giskeødegård.