August 10: Exclusive concert and screening in Oslo

Eldorado Kino: as close as you can get to a grindhouse in Oslo. Photo: Oslokino.

In association with Øyakino we’re holding a one-off special event this coming Tuesday in Oslo.

You can not only catch an exclusive pre-premiére of “Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen”, but in the lobby before the screening you also get to experience Gressholmen Salong & Ninjaorkester perform music from the score!

Under the leadership of composer Gaute Tønder, this incredible orchestra counts 12 Ninjas hand-picked for this one event.

From heroic horn sections to nostalgic flutes – from a nature lover’s bizarre musique concréte to foot-tappingly catchy rock beats – Gaute’s score is sure to make its mark as one of the most exciting to come out of Norway in recent years. We know this appraisal comes from a production company stooge (i.e. from me) but trust us on this one.

Don’t miss this!
The concert is FREE.
Tickets for the pre-premiére screening can be purchased here.

Date: Tuesday August 10
Time: 20:00 (concert) and 20:30 (screening)
Place: Eldorado Kino, Torggt. 9, Oslo

Ninja campfire band. Photo by Trond Høines.