Haute-couture: Ragnhild Umbraco

"Ragnhild Umbraco" as portrayed by Linn Stokke. Photo from the film by Trond Høines. Click to enlarge.

Although the feminine and elegant attire of Ragnhild Umbraco, the Ninjas’ gunsmith and tools-supplier starkly contrasts the uniforms worn by her Ninjas, there are two similarities: Hand-embroidery and camouflage.

Designer Monica Kvasnes supported the work of our costume designer Sofie Rage Larsen by creating Umbraco’s clothing. Majestic yet simple, archaic yet sexy, Umbraco’s clothing is a functional interpretation of the traditional Norwegian national costume, the “bunad“. Indeed, remodeling original Norwegian embroidered table-cloths from the previous century, Ms. Kvasnes has created some of the most exquisite clothes I’ve seen. Perfectly appropriate for a Norwegian alpha-woman, at one with nature – in the storm of history – deep in the Lofoten mountains.

Below please find some of Monica’s designs. Enjoy!

Some of Monica Kvasnes' creations. Click to enlarge.
Helge Korsnes as "Han Som Sover", Linn Stokke as "Ragnhild Umbraco". Photo from the film by Trond Høines.