Soundtrack album is here!

Post updated on August 21, 2011.

We’re happy to announce that Gaute Tønder’s amazing score is now available!
The release is by Grappa Musikkforlag.

The album is available for both national and international fans at several online outlets, including:

iTunes Store (Norway)
iTunes Store (US. Other nationalities: do a search for “ninjatroppen” in your local store)
Musikk Online (Norway)
Wimp (Norway) (International) (International)
Spotify (Some countries)

This is an incomplete list – check your favorite outlet and chances are you’ll find it.

Album tracklist:

01            Ninjatroppens Opplysningsfilm
02            Treholts Tema
03            Hardanger
04            Siste Nytt
05            Stay Behind Rekrutteringsfilm
06            Humlas Tema (Grillstranda)
07            Ninjatroppens Opptaksprøve
08            Svarte-Pers Tema
09            Leirbål
10            Nattclub
11            The Star Spangled Banner
12            Lofotfjella / Oppdrag i Nordsjøen
13            Den Usynlige Skikkelsen
14            Nedtelling
15            Requiem
16            Humlas Flukt
17            Slaget om Gressholmen
18            Død og Levende
19            Mesterens Plan
20            Operasjon Saganatt
21            Oppgjør på Rådhustaket
22            Dommen
23            Løp Humla Løp
24            Norwegian Ninja (Cosmic Disco Version)

Total playing time: 45 minutes
Catalog number: GRCD 4341

Several cues appear in longer versions on this album than in the film itself!

In case you want to know more about what you’re in for, here’s the disco swingin’ official music video for Norwegian Ninja (Cosmic Disco Version)!

To get another taste, here’s a video from our special pre-premiére event at Eldorado Kino on August 11th 2010, where Gaute himself conducted the 12-piece Gressholmen Salong & Ninjaorkester who performed the first two tracks live.