Full details: Norwegian DVD, Blu-Ray…and VHS

Finally, here’s the lowdown on the previously teased DVD and Blu-Ray editions to be released here in Norway on January 12th! You can already pre-order at several outlets, including Platekompaniet, CDON, and DVDHuset.

Below you’ll find a complete rundown of the extra materials to expect. They are the same on both the DVD and the Blu-Ray.

(with director and producer commentary tracks, in Norwegian)

Treholt & The King
You Stay Here!
A Peaceful Solution


Wingsuits (the best of the raw footage)
Pyrotechnics (all the things we blew up for the movie)
Life on Grassy Island (a poetic look at the Ninja lifestyle)
Home Alone With Otto Meyer (an extra mini-scene from the bunker)
Action Figures (commercial ca. 1985, made by Jaeger Art)
Bloopers and Oddities (self-explanatory)


Interview (lead actor Mads Ousdal, writer/director Thomas Cappelen Malling, producer Eric Vogel)
Torpedo (the making of the underwater sequence)
Skycar (forced perspectives and model work)
Kielland (the making of the oil rig sequence)
Fight Choreography (all about the stunts and choreography)
Score (studio footage with composer Gaute Tønder and actor/musician Amund Maarud)


Press Stills
From The Movie
Behind The Scenes
Graphic Design
Action Figures


Music Video (for “Norwegian Ninja (Cosmic Disco Version)”)
Theatrical trailer
Teaser 1 (Torpedoes)
Teaser 2 (Easter Greeting)
Teaser 3 (Summer Greeting)
Teaser 4 (Stay Behind Warning)
TV spot 1 (10 sec)
TV spot 2 (15 sec)


Commentary 1: writer/director Thomas Cappelen Malling, actor Henrik Horge, producer Eric Vogel
Commentary 2: DoP Trond Høines, VFX supervisor Ludvig Friberg, Colorist Christian Berg-Nielsen, Supervising Sound Editor Fredric Vogel


Norwegian for the hearing impaired


Audio available in 5.1 and 2.0, plus there is a special audio description track (in Norwegian) for the seeing impaired and blind.
The DVD is PAL Region 2.
The Blu-Ray is Region B.

Here’s a taste of the extras, namely the wonderful Action Figures commercial made by Jaeger Art!


As you may have deduced from that New Year’s greeting – yes, we’re releasing a Limited Edition Stereo Widescreen VHS!

This is of course the preferred home video alternative for this movie. But we recognize that some of you still prefer more modern formats, so we bundle each VHS with a Blu-Ray disc. This also means you don’t have to buy the movie twice.

So how do you get one? These puppies will be exclusively sold by Platekompaniet here in Norway. They are not listed at their website yet, but we’ll let you know once they are.

Again, check out the amazing alternate artwork for this thing! As always, graphic design by Alen Grujic and with photos by Ellen Ugelstad:


An important note for our international friends:

The description above is for the Norwegian home video release of the movie by Euforia Film and Paramount Home Entertainment, to be released on January 12.

As the movie gets released in other territories, the region codes, extras and subtitles will vary. Ultimately it will be up to the local distributor to decide the final content.

Rights have so far been sold for the Nordic countries, The UK, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We’ll let you know once release dates are set for these countries, as well as keep you posted on further countries that will see release, be it theatrically, on DVD/Blu-Ray or on VOD. Or even VHS.

Hm… the only thing we’re missing now is the Laserdisc…