Limited Edition VHS competition

The label.

In partnership with our friends at Montages, YOU are invited to compete for one of three ultra limited signed copies of Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen on VHS!


International entries are welcome! If you live outside of Norway, this will perhaps be your only chance of getting one of the tapes straight from the source.

The prizes. Each tape has been signed on the inner cover by the writer/director and producer.

Culled from our limited run of 500 hand numbered VHS copies, these three tapes are extra special because they have also been signed by director Thomas Cappelen Malling and yours truly.

But you’re going to have to work a little to get one of them! Here’s what we’re asking:

1. Send us a photo of your VHS collection that truly shows your love for the format.

2. Tell us about an especially memorable movie experience you’ve had that is somehow related to VHS. This task is open to be interpreted as you wish, but keep it at no more than 1000 characters including spaces.

3. Answer the following three questions related to the movie:

a. What is the name of the mysterious hand sign Commander Treholt uses in the scene from Vienna (depicted below), and what does it mean?
b. How many years did Arne Treholt serve in prison after his conviction on espionage charges?
c. Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen / Norwegian Ninja has a duration of 77 minutes on PAL system VHS. What would the duration be in the NTSC system?

A frame grab related to question 3a.

Send your answers to before the end of 31 January, 2011.


So! We have a winner! Despite there being three prizes, only ONE entry made the jury’s cut – and the lucky winner of a VHS of Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen signed by both the director and producer is Espen Lyngstad from Stjørdal, Norway. Congratulations! Espen’s answers are worthy of sharing with the world; below is the picture he sent us to represent his VHS collection (question #1):

Ultra-rare Norwegian dubbed edition of He-Man! From the glory days, indeed.

Espen’s answer to question #2: When I was 13 or 14, my friend’s father ran a video store. In the basement me my friend found a stack of movies his dad had rented out BEFORE censorship arrived. In addition to loads of porn, we found movies like Cannibal Holocaust and The Evil Dead. The following weeks turned into one long film festival, and probably imprinted me for life.

Espen’s answers to questions #3a-3c:

a: It’s called “the optiplacebic twin hand”. It tricks the brain into believing the third person in the photo isn’t there.

[jury’s note: clever enough. The real answer: Pyō / Hyō, or in English “Channel”. One of the mystic Kuji-In hand signs as interpreted by Steven K. Hayes in the book “Ninja Vol. II: Warrior Ways of Enlightenment”]

b: None. One of his doppelgangers did the time for him.

[jury’s note: here, the belief in the truth of the movie surpasses the truth of real life, where the answer would be just over 8 years]


c: 94 minutes. Because in the NTSC version, the graphic violence wouldn’t have been edited out by the censors. For example the scene where Treholt rips out the heart of the US ambassador.

[jury’s note: correct]




This competition is organized by Montages. The jury consists of the Montages editorial staff, plus Thomas Cappelen Malling and Eric Vogel. The winners will be announced no later than the end of February 2011. The prizes will be shipped with standard mail, and we can’t take responsibility for lost parcels. This VHS edition is PAL system, hence not playable on standard NTSC/SECAM equipment. Also, this edition is in the original Norwegian language and not subtitled. But it’s still cool. The competition is not open to employees of Tordenfilm, Euforia and Montages, or their families. If you worked on or with the film you aren’t eligible either. By submitting text and/or images to this competition you give Montages and Tordenfilm the right to publish them online.