Old School Distribution News

The Limited Edition VHS/Blu-Ray combo release is now available to order at Platekompaniet! Also in-store at most of their locations.

Below are some pictures from when we prepared the VHS tapes for distribution, i.e. we manually stuffed a Blu-Ray disc into each VHS box and added a numbered label. The total print run is 500 (minus the one in the last image below!)

Quite a special day at work.

International friends: sadly, Platekompaniet does not ship outside Norway. Your best bet is to recruit someone local to pick it up for you.

If you really, really need to get this and don’t know anyone in Norway, maybe you can leave a comment below to get in touch with someone? We’ve also gotten emails directly about this, but here at Tordenfilm we only have a few copies for cast and crew and none for sale unfortunately.