From The Vaults #1: Cast and Crew photos

Posting has been sporadic here lately, but rest assured there’s lots more material to come! The film is now heading abroad with the UK release right around the corner, and more countries to follow! Announcements will be made when we have them. But for now, here’s the first post in a behind the scenes series we’ve dubbed “From The Vaults”.

You do this on every production: the cast and crew gather to take a team photo for posterity.

Well, with this movie we did that twice. Why? Well, the photo was scheduled for the end of one particular shooting day, and we all gathered on the set. Actually, not everyone who contributed to the movie but as many people as we could round up on that day.

However, close to the end of the day, the schedule was running tight. So the photo session was cancelled to be done at a later date, to allow for more shooting time. Consequently, most of the production office people headed back to the office. Meanwhile, the day ended successfully and the remaining cast/crew managed to squeeze in the photo anyway.

And it turned out smashing!!! (click for HUGE!):

Cast and crew of Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen, pt.1. Photo by Ellen Ugelstad.

…except that it was missing the crew members who left. Fast forward some days, we’re nearing the end of the shoot and we decide to go again. Only this time, there were some other cast and crew members missing due to availabilty. Go figure.  (click for HUGE!)

Cast and crew of Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen, pt. 2. Photo by Ellen Ugelstad.

I don’t even know what the moral is with this post, except that you should perhaps not leave the set, ever, if you want to be in the cast and crew photo!

Bonus trivia:

– the first photo was taken on the stunning location for the Umbraco mountain retreat, on the outskirts of Oslo.

– the second photo was taken on the Storyline Studios back lot in the Jar area of Bærum, outside Oslo. Myself (left) and director Thomas (right) are seated in the full scale Sky Car cockpit we built for one scene.

Below is a photo from shooting the scene in question:

Sky Car ready for "lift off". Left to right: 1st AD Håkon Sørensen, actors Amund Maarud and Mads Ousdal, VFX Supervisor Ludvig Friberg (possibly!), cinematographer Trond Høines (possibly!) and director Thomas Cappelen Malling. Photo by Jessica Balac.