Stikkord: ‘Blu-Ray’

14. August 2011

Norwegian Ninja Wallpaper Bonanza!

This weekend, it’s been exactly one year since our initial theatrical release. To mark the occasion, we’ve retooled the awesome DVD and Blu-Ray menu …

12. January 2011

Old School Distribution News

The Limited Edition VHS/Blu-Ray combo release is now available to order at Platekompaniet! Also in-store at most of their locations. Below are some pictures … [6]

Full details: Norwegian DVD, Blu-Ray…and VHS
5. January 2011

Full details: Norwegian DVD, Blu-Ray…and VHS

Finally, here’s the lowdown on the previously teased DVD and Blu-Ray editions to be released here in Norway on January 12th! You can … [10]

Norwegian DVD/Blu-Ray sneak preview
12. November 2010

Norwegian DVD/Blu-Ray sneak preview

Mads Ousdal as "Kommandør Arne Treholt". Photo by Trond Høines. Between more festivals the film has screened at (/Slash Filmfestival in Vienna, the venerable and … [7]